Here’s what Lynk Manuscripts had to say about INTERVENTION:

“This is a tense and engaging novel – a techno thriller with the potential to cross over to both science-fiction and thriller audiences. Tapping into the zeitgeist in terms of fears for the planet’s future, Intervention depicts a world racked by pandemics, dust storms, and chronic food and water shortages.

The scientific and social extrapolation in the narrative is one of the notable strengths of the novel. The author engages with some genuinely important social issues, and his explanations of the science underlying certain disciplines is convincing and authentic, as well as involving – a hard trick to pull off.

While there are a number of mind-stretching concepts introduced, and the various aspects of genetics and so on may be unfamiliar to many readers, the author has succeeded admirably in incorporating a lot of scientific information in such a way that does not come across as artificial ‘info-dump.’ The characters discuss it naturally, and the scientific information is allowed to flow from the narrative instead of seeming forced into it.

The roots of the plot in matters of ethical concern, ranging from population growth to eco-activism and environmental degradation, are presented in a way which embraces debate around these issues with intelligence and insight. Despite the volume of information presented, and the complexity of issues involved, the author has not allowed the plot to become ‘bogged down’ by the issues and or the science.

The futuristic aspects of the plot are also well integrated, such as the utilisation of virtual-reality environments, advanced phone technology, collision-avoidance technology in ‘auto cabs’, etc. These lend the narrative a science-fictional aspect which remains credible because it extrapolates from current technology to suggest a possible future which may very well come about. Yet the characters remain human, and many of the ethical issues with which they struggle are convincingly portrayed – issues with which the human race is currently struggling, and may still need to address in coming years.

Squarely aimed at a popular market, the story has some deeper aspects which will cause readers to think and wonder, as well as to be simply entertained. The plot is strong, the characters are drawn with depth, and it is quite a page-turner. In a nutshell, this is an accomplished and memorable novel.”

Many thanks to Lynk Manuscripts for their manuscript evaluation (and for their permission to publish this excerpt of their review). The novel is unquestionably stronger, having had the benefit of their professional input.

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