“Entertaining and topical ecological SF thriller”

“Intervention is a hard-SF thriller with an ecological bent. Although the book gets off to a slightly slow start, once things start moving it really takes off. It has a lot of big ideas: the science and technology are plausible extensions of what we have today, and the ecological issues are already happening all around us–which makes it very topical and lends it a sense of urgency. I was reminded in part of Peter Hamilton’s Greg Mandel series (the earlier two anyway).

The part about the book I enjoyed most, was the fact I couldn’t help siding with the “villain” of the story, perhaps not with the means they use to reach their ends (creative as that may have been), but certainly with the conviction that something needed to be done. It has that kind of moral grayness that makes you ask, “If I could, would I?”

Intervention is Munroe’s debut novel (like the earlier reviewer said, “Is this really your first novel?”). It’s a solid book and an indication that a promising new talent has joined the SF field. I’m looking forward to his next book (a sequel to Intervention), not just to see what happens next, but also to watch how he grows as a writer.”

4/5 Stars

– A. W. Scott (Goodreads member)
For more reviews, visit INTERVENTION’s Amazon page.

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