“A rare find: topnotch self-published SF”

“Hard SF/techno thriller with characters that are intelligent and convincing. Moral issues abound, in a context of failing economies, destruction of the environment, and the never-ending growth of human population. The “villain” makes more sense to me than most of the “good” guys, but then I’ve never believed that the human race is the perfected height of evolution. Biology, genetic engineering, and lots of interesting questions. Maybe we need to change quite fundamentally if we’re to be saved from ourselves. Prepare to think your way through this book. No aliens are coming to save us, and there’s nowhere to go to get away from our self-created hell.”

4/5 Stars

– C.S. McClellan, author of ‘Hidden Boundaries’

(Goodreads Review)

About WRR Munro

'Standing rapt in awe at the mystery of life', a casual writing hobby became an obsession, culminating in 'INTERVENTION - The Pandora Virus', a sci-fi techno thriller set in a climate change wracked, near future. The upcoming sequel, 'INTEGRATION - Hacking Humanity' explores the danger and the potential of technology and neuroscience colliding. If you want to know more, visit wrrmunro.com or interventionbymunro.com.
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