“Scariest Story NOT in the Horror Genre”

“”Intervention” by W.R.R. Munro is frighteningly believable. In a world where genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, have been toyed with in laboratories everywhere, it is difficult to believe that every possible consequence has been considered and addressed. The almighty dollar has a knack for cutting corners at times. “Intervention” presents a scenario so subtle, yet widespread, that readers will feel a bit stunned by it all.

A college class’s research of honey bees, and their inability to adequately pollinate crops, leads ever deeper into a world of intrigue and greed. This is one of those stories so convoluted you are never quite sure who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. From one page to the next, you are never certain who is telling the truth and who is lying like a rug.

Munro has very cleverly used a technique of jumping back and forth in time, presenting a specific set of problems faced by a young couple involved in research in 2011, then jumping to the problems faced by their genius son and themselves in 2033/34. Even in the Australian outback, there was no safe place to hide from their very powerful enemies.

To avoid spoiling an exceptionally good story, I cannot really say much more. But if you’d like to read one possible – but not inevitable, if we take action soon – scenario resulting from global warming, as well as potential problems we may face from uncontrolled GMO operations, you will look a long time before finding a better read than “Intervention”. This should be required reading in both High School and College courses. Although it is fiction, it stands a very real chance of becoming non-fiction, if we let it. You must read “Intervention”.”

5/5 Stars

– Grampy (Goodreads Review)


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