“A fabulous near future sci-fi”

“A fabulous near future sci-fi that introduces the reader not only to the very real possiblity of an ecologically precarious earth and the logical possibility of GMO humans. An engaging read I really enjoyed the indepth scientific explanations the author utilized. This won’t be for everyone but this kind of hard scifi read is hard to find. Munro did a fabulous job and left no scientific stone unturned.

While I enjoyed the characters, it was the writing that really did it for me. Some beautiful turns of phrase and descriptions brought this dense tome to life. My only complaint would be just that the characters were secondary to the science, and while believable, they were at times a tad flat.

I’m really looking forward to the release of the second book as well. The book has so much going on and there are exciting things to come. It was not, thankfully, a complete cliffhanger though, but more a season in a much longer series.

For lovers of sci-fi and bio-fantasy, this is a must read.”

4/5 Stars

–  Pavarti Tyler (Author of the Two Moons of Sera series)

(GoodReads Review)

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