“This is pretty much a rave review for a new thriller”

“This is pretty much a rave review for a new thriller, with one caveat (but don’t let that deter you!).

In 2033, field researcher Ayden Walker is trying to determine the reason some bees (world wide) are not pollinating the orchards in which they live. Enter a young woman who believes she has found a correlation between these bees and a new pattern of sterility in human males. With the help of several other scientists, including Ayden’s parents, Ayden expands his search, largely through the online network of the day, which is a joy for the reader to anticipate. Unknown to Ayden, his own conception was part of an experiment, and the impact this has on his work, and his ability to do his work, is a central part of the story.

I dare not say too much more about the plot, but it unfolds very nicely. This isn’t just a “young man finds and conquers a conspiracy”. It’s quite complex, and it isn’t necessarily who you think who’s set things in motion. My main complaint is that the young woman mentioned above, who becomes somewhat of a love interest for Ayden, is constantly whining and questioning why “the people” can’t be told what’s going on, several times causing serious problems. Luckily, she’s out of the way for much of the plot, but why Ayden would be drawn to her is completely unbelievable. Otherwise, this is a fascinating read, especially for the author’s view of science 20 years in the future.”

4/5 Stars

– Margaret Bailey (LibraryThing Review)

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