“Frighteningly brilliant depiction of the future of humanity”

“Intervention – The Pandora Virus is a frighteningly brilliant depiction of the future of humanity. This book forces us to consider the age-old question of whether it is better to kill one person or one hundred to find the cure for cancer, but on a planetary survival level. This book is a very fast-paced techno thriller, with its author easily compared to one of the greats in this field, Michael Crichton. Intervention postulates the theory that in the not-too-distant future, climate change and population growth has left the Earth so devastated, that at its current rate of growth, it will take two Earths to sustain the population. The question WRR Munro forces us to ask ourselves is how far we would go to ensure the survival of the human race and our very planet? The answer for one man is very far indeed.

I found the characters in this book were easy to relate to. Ayden, while a super genius, comes off as someone who is genuinely concerned for humanity and is just trying to figure out the best solution, while his counterpart, William, has the best parts of a villain; those parts I can relate to. That’s what makes this book so relatable and so gripping. I can sympathize with both their point of views. This author is going places and I can’t wait for the sequel!!”

5/5 Stars

– Sean Ryan (Goodreads Review)

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