“explores a very likely future”

“This book is absolutely fantastic. Set in the near future world of 2033, it is an exploration of Earth as it very well could be. Beginning in a field as Ayden Walker, a young scientist attempts to discover why bees are failing to pollinate plants, it spans a journey through science and politics and a world on the brink of collapse. And the best part about it is that it’s all entirely plausible. With the rapid progress on the technological front, things like the specs and gesture cuffs in the book are not entirely out of the question. More than that, this book explores a very likely future which seems to be very rooted in science and the trajectory of its progress.

However, on that note, science jargon could have been a little better explained. I found myself having to look up various terms because while they were thrown around by the characters, who all understood what they meant, I, as a reader, did not. But they did not hinder the story very much; it just would have been nice to have the definitions of the scientific terms that were not otherwise explained, though they were important to the plot.

Other than that, it was a well planned story, and though it seemed bogged in description sometimes, it all went toward world building, or the details were relevant in the plot. However, there could have been a little more conflict; much of the plot was ‘we need this device/science to counter our problem’ and then miraculously, they had it. But in general, it was a very, very enjoyable book – essentially it is everything the Divergent series attempted to be, but Roth lacked the scientific knowledge to make it so. Also, the fact that it’s aimed at an adult audience does wonders, because the protagonist isn’t consumed by hormone fuelled lust all the time.

On a more personal level, I like that Ayden and his parents, though technically American, had some Aussie ticks in their language. It was nice to see Australians represented even in a very American-centric novel.

This is the kind of book that could easily become a very good film, if the screenplay was well adapted. Apparently there is going to be a second book, and though I’m wary about how it could proceed, seeing as this works very well as a stand alone novel, I will definitely be reading it.”

4/5 Stars

– Mersini (Goodreads Review)

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