“interesting, well written, and taut thriller… about our responsibilities to ourselves, our children, and our planet.”

“i started reading intervention hoping to get through a few chapters because i felt guilty that my ‘to review’ list was so long. i didn’t make it through a few chapters, i finished the entire book in one sitting. i’ve seen it variously described as science fiction, techno-fiction, a medical thriller, and (strangely) as a fantasy. it doesn’t really fit into one category because w.r.r. munro manages to bring a variety of different topics together smoothly into one coherent and captivating storyline.

munro takes bees, genetically modified organisms, nefarious multinational corporations, the united states government, philanthropists, evil scientists, and more and dances them through the pages of intervention weaving a captivating story about our responsibilities to ourselves, our children, and our planet. it is tempting to look at that and think, “oh man, not another of those end of the world if we don’t change our ways stories,” but it’s not that at all. it’s an interesting, well written, and taut thriller.”

4/5 Stars

– Shane Alonso

Read Shane’s reviews at ‘turtle’s songs’

About WRR Munro

'Standing rapt in awe at the mystery of life', a casual writing hobby became an obsession, culminating in 'INTERVENTION - The Pandora Virus', a sci-fi techno thriller set in a climate change wracked, near future. The upcoming sequel, 'INTEGRATION - Hacking Humanity' explores the danger and the potential of technology and neuroscience colliding. If you want to know more, visit wrrmunro.com or interventionbymunro.com.
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